Bristol’s Rubbish

Bristol’s Rubbish

Join our Six O Clock Session to discuss Bristol's rubbish problems

The Architect, BS1 4QA
£8 (includes drink)

Navigating Waste, Innovation and Urban Identity

With an ever-growing population and urban landscape, questions arise about responsibility, creative problem-solving, and a sustainable future.

Bristolians generated 166 million kilograms of rubbish last year alone, prompting us to ponder whether our focus should primarily be on household waste or if the construction industry bears a greater responsibility, given its 40% contribution to the EU’s waste.

Despite commendable efforts, such as Bristol Waste’s Reuse Shops boasting a 45.6% recycling rate, the question remains: Can we do better? Can we strive for a more circular economy, where reuse is championed, and waste is minimized? And how do we get there?

6 O’Clock Sessions 

Imagine a place where public, politicians and professionals come together to debate the future of our cities. The 6 O’Clock Sessions are home to informed civic debate – topical discussion with a twist. These sessions are participatory in nature – different opinions are welcome, heard and respectfully challenged. Just the tonic for our polarised times. Everyone welcome. 


Jane Martin: CEO, City To Sea

Tiziana Di Ronco: Co-Director Re-Fabricate

Jenny Ford: Director, Materials in Mind

Location: The Architect | Wed 17 April | 6 pm

Ticket includes 1 x gin + mixer or a soft drink