Conserve or Destroy

Conserve or Destroy

Should we be conserving or destroying our cities?

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The Architect Cafe-Bar, BS1 4QA
£8 (includes drink)
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Conserve or Destroy: What is Bristol’s Architectural Legacy and Who Decides? 

In an era of environmental consciousness and urban evolution, we gather to address a fundamental question, “Is it ever okay to demolish a building?” 

As the way we live in and use the buildings in our city evolves, alongside a growing understanding of the impact of the built environment has on health and wellbeing and the climate emergency, should we be Conserving, Destroying or Re-imagining Bristol’s buildings? 

Should only those of historic importance be conserved? Or should we tolerate some of the idiosyncrasies of older mundane buildings at all costs? Does every building, regardless of quality, have a place in our city? 

And who decides..? 

Join us as we delve deep into the delicate balance between sustainability, historic importance, and social value, all set against the backdrop of Bristol’s rich architectural tapestry. 

6 O’Clock Sessions 

Imagine a place where public, politicians & professionals come together to debate the future of our cities. The 6’O Clock Sessions are home to informed civic debate – topical discussion with a twist. These sessions are participatory in nature – different opinions are welcome, heard & respectfully challenged. Just the tonic for our polarised times. Everyone welcome. 

Speakers include:

Victoria Thornton OBE, Founder, Open City

Emma Harvey, CEO, Trinity Community Arts

Martin Booth, Editor, Bristol 24/7 


Dr Fidel Meraz, Senior Lecturer in Architecture, UWE 

Ticket includes 1 x Gin + mixer or a soft drink