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Join Award-Winning Architect Peter Barber on Solving the Housing Crisis

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Peter Barber: How Design can Solve the Housing Crisis 

Award-winning architect Peter Barber returns to Design West to talk about how we improve the fabric of our cities.  

A lifelong campaigner for better quality homes and public spaces, Peter believes that housing designers have a special responsibility towards the public realm. His expertise lies in taking unloved plots of land and transforming them into thriving communities.  

Peter’s skill lies in his ability to knit together our urban grain, taking on neglected areas and creating high-quality housing that meets the needs of local people. He often builds where no one else ‘bothers’ to build, showing that good design is possible with modest budgets and on difficult sites.  

Combining radical thinking and design excellence, his distinctive work features brick arches, unexpected rooflines, and crenelated balconies and terraces that are a pleasing alternative to identikit new-build housing.  

Peter has devoted his life to improving the housing in our cities and we are delighted to be welcoming him back to Design West to speak at our monthly lecture series. 

Our talks are open to the public & professionals alike. Join us if you are interested in the design of the world we live in.