Who Needs Humans?

Who Needs Humans?

Who needs humans? The rise of AI.

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The Architect Cafe-Bar, BS1 4QA
£8 (includes drink)
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Who needs humans? The rise of AI

What is the role of Humans in the world of AI? 

Join us as we discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionising the architectural landscape. Help us unravel the possibilities and challenges AI brings to the forefront of the built environment, and discuss how it is reshaping the future of design. Will design be Artificial or Intelligent? Or do we leave that to artificial intelligence itself…

6 O’Clock Sessions 

Imagine a place where public, politicians and professionals come together to debate the future of our cities. The 6 O’Clock Sessions are home to informed civic debate – topical discussion with a twist. These sessions are participatory in nature – different opinions are welcome, heard & respectfully challenged. Just the tonic for our polarised times. Everyone welcome. 


Vanessa Hanschke – UOB, PHD: Challenging Concepts of Responsible AI Through Storytelling.

Jonathan Bassindale – Spatial Practice, UWE.

Martin O’Leary – Pervasive Media Studio.

Ticket includes 1 x Gin + mixer or a soft drink

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